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 Experiential Marketing Opportunities

The SweetGuy Ice Cream Truck offers cutting edge experiential marketing opportunities through rebranding for corporate promotions! Talk about the SWEETEST promotion ever! Make our fans your fans by vinyl wrapping our truck with your logo! You hire us to promote your business and we provide the SWEETEST attraction there is! This is a new innovative way of marketing and engagement!

Sponsorship Opportunities

SweetGuy is now available for Sponsorship! SweetGuy's connection to the community can be a tremendous opportunity for other local businesses and organizations to leverage! For a fee SweetGuy can offer several levels of sponsorship that will afford companies or organizations the opportunity connect with prospects in a new and exciting way!

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Cutting edge marketing opportunities through re-branding for corporate promotions!



  1. Let us know the dates your interested in!

  2. Let us know how many pieces you would like to include.

  3. Design your own or hire us to design your vinyl wrap

  4. Apply the custom wrap to the exterior of the Ice Cream Truck essentially rebranding the truck as their own.

  5. The Ice Cream Truck is then positioned by the organization to distribute Ice Cream at a particular location

  6. SweetGuy then fulfills the role and Ice Cream Man for hire!

Photo Credit:  Massive Media Inc.

Tweet Credit: @Rockettes

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