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Here's the ticket to the SWEETEST treat of the summer!

Get 20% off e-Gift Cards

SweetGuy wants to help kick off the 2024 Season with an EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER!  
Enter CODE:
at checkout

Offer Valid from our Season opener on April 6 until May 30

**e-Gift card funds are available season after season and NEVER expire. 

E-Gift Cards are only redeemable for individual ice cream purchases at the ice cream truck and can not be redeemed for Event Bookings.

5 Sweet Reasons to Get Your SweetGuy e-Gift Card!


No need to scrounge up the cash while racing to catch the Ice Cream Man!

Redeem e-Gift cards at the ice cream truck quicker and easier than cash or credit card! E-Gift cards are also easily integrated into your kid's Apple Wallet!


Give the kids another reason to remember mom and dad's number!

Kids can redeem their E-Gift cards easily with their parents phone number, name or email!


SweetGuy only accepts digital payment on board.

Since SweetGuy can't accept cash on board the ice cream truck, e-Gift cards allow your kids to still get their treat if you're at work!


e-Gift Card Holders are automatically enrolled in the SweetGuy Fan Club!

Get fast tracked to FREE ICE CREAM, Free Apparel, and event COMPLIMENTARY PARTY VISITS from The SweetGuy Ice Cream Truck!


Add your kids dietary restrictions to your kids e-Gift Card profile!

Help us help you by entering any dietary restrictions or important allergy information to your e-Gift card profile!

Want to Check your E-gift card balance or add funds?

Choose Physical Gift Card

 1. User receives physical magnetic strip card with brilliant artwork & gift envelope.

2. There is a $8 fee to setup and ship the physical card.

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