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Cancelation Policy

Events evolve, Plans change, weather is unpredictable! SweetGuy knows this and we want everything to be as easy and care free as enjoying our ice cream! We offer a lot of flexibility with cancelations and rescheduling and you can find details on our cancelation policy below.  You will also receive the event cancelation policy on all confirmations. If you have any questions about the policy or if you feel there is some special circumstance we need to consider, please feel free to contact us by phone, or reply to your confirmation! We just want to have fun! 

Cancelation policies by event type

Don't stress! Please let us know as soon as you can if your event has to change or cancel as soon as you can and will try to work with you! We just ask that you keep in mind that our ice cream season is short and there are only a limited number of spots available on any given day. When you secure your reservation we guarantee it, we ask for similar consideration when you book your event! Once you book a SweetGuy Truck, no one else can see your time slot as an available spot for their reservation and we do not take a waiting list, so you are removing that slot from our calendar. We just ask for notice so we can free that slot up on the calendar so we can have a fair opportunity to refill it.  We're sure you get it, and we appreciate this understanding. 

Single Session Event Bookings.

Single session event bookings are any event booking that does not repeat. Deposits are fully refundable if event is cancelled with SweetGuy Ice Cream Co at least 72 hours prior to our scheduled arrival time. Event can be rescheduled and deposit transferred for any reason up to 72 hours prior to arrival time. Please review your confirmations carefully. If you find inaccuracies in your booking please contact us as soon as possible. We can not be held responsible for event details that are entered inaccurately when you book and we show up rain or shine. We understand that not everyone can host their event in inclement weather so we allow special consideration if there is rain in the forecast. Events can be rescheduled due to HIGH LIKELYHOOD of  rain in the forecast no later than 24 hours prior to arrival time. Events that are not Events cancelled within 72 hours of arrival time will be subject to balance due. 

Recurring Event Bookings. 

Plan can be canceled and is fully refundable until first visit is completed. Once first visit is completed, if any portion of remaining plan is requested to be canceled then the completed visits will be billed at full service price. Events scheduled in a bundle have the same flexibility in rescheduling in inclement weather as Single Session bookings. They must be rescheduled no less than 24 hours prior to our arrival time. Like all SweetGuy services, a minimum 15% gratuity added to this service. Unlike other SweetGuy services, this gratuity is added upfront and is collected at setup. 100% of this gratuity is for your server. If you have different servers at different visits each server will receive their share of the collected gratuity. All visits bundled in the package must be scheduled to be completed before 10/31. 

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