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Why a gift card?
SweetGuy only accepts digital payment options on board the SweetGuy Ice Cream trucks. We know that can be tough for kids. So,  we wanted to come up with a fun option that makes them feel special and makes their visit that much more SWEET!  

Choose Physical Gift Card


 You will get an magnetic strip card with brilliant artwork, drawn by SweetGuy himself, that you can physically hand to the recipient in their Birthday Card.


1. Must have physical card to redeem.

2. Can be lost!

3. Not available online. Visit SweetGuy!

Choose E-gift Card


1. Can NEVER be lost!!

2. Easily redeemed with the name, email or phone number associated with the Ecard. 

3. Can be gifted via text or email.

4. Automatically enrolled in our Fan Club to start earning FREE stuff!


No physical card to hold. 

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